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Business owners:

Advertising with the BLT Values Card will improve your bottom-line!

For more information about BLT Values Card, please watch the short video below

Schools, youth groups, and non-profit organizations

frequently ask business owners for donations and,

as much as the  business owners would like to help,

they simply can’t afford to help everyone.

What if they sent customers into your business, would you be willing to help them?

The BLT Values Card was created to help

local schools, youth groups, churches, and

non-profit organizations raise funds without

needing to ask for donations. They simply ask:

“If we brought you sales, would you be willing to pay us?”

BLT Advantage was founded with the desire to accomplish these goals:

To encourage local commerce, assist merchants to become more profitable, and to provide no-cost

fundraising opportunities to schools, youth groups, non-profit organizations, and churches.

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