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BLT Advantage was founded with the desire to accomplish these goals:

To encourage local commerce, assist merchants to become more profitable, and to provide no-cost

fundraising opportunities to schools, youth groups, non-profit organizations, and churches.

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Did you know that billions of dollars worth of gift cards are sold each year?

Gift cards have a wide variety of uses:

No matter how they go out, gift cards invite customers into your business!

Many companies offer traditional gift cards

The most common type of gift card costs

about $1.00 each and, additionally, there

is a fee every time a card is swiped.  

You must also pay terminal or software

fees as, you are required to keep track of the

funds available on each of these types of cards.

BLT Advantage offers

a better idea:

Set-Value Gift Cards!

What are the advantages of Set-Value Gift Cards?

Once redeemed, Set-Value Gift Cards

can be re-issued over and over again.

BLT Advantage will help you get your Set-Value Gift Cards into the hands of potential customers.

Pricing includes all set-up fees and 1 hour of card design.  

Cards are 30 mil PVC with full color or black & white.  Mag stripe, bar code,

encoding, or sequential numbering are available at additional cost.

1,000 cards $.50 per card       2,500 cards $.40 per card       5,000 cards $.35 per card

When gift cards go out, customers come in!


Click here to purchase your Gift Cards: Gift Cards

Once a business owner buys these cards, they find little help in

getting them sold.